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Intrepid Travel

Level 3 / 380 Lonsdale Street

, Melbourne, VIC

Australia (AUS) , Oceania , 3000

+(61 3) 9419 4426,

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About Intrepid Travel

The year was 1988… While most of the world wasted their time dreaming of hoverboard-mounted lasers, joining wild pyramid schemes and listening to Milli Vanilli, two mates from Melbourne spurned these distractions and instead turned their youthful, entrepreneurial beards toward the thing they loved the most – travel.

Intrepid Travel is a small group adventure travel company. The company offers more than 1,500 itineraries in over 100 countries. Destinations include Asia, Latin America, North America, Europe, The Middle East, Africa, Australasia, and Antarctica.

Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
Founded: 1989, Melbourne, Australia

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